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Some visual and performing arts degrees are focused on one specific art form such as performing stand-up comedy. Other degrees may focus on various dancing forms such as salsa or meringue. Visual and performing arts degrees tend to be a lot more focused than stand-up comedy or other forms of stand-up comedy. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in visual and performing arts, here are some avenues worth exploring:

Visual and Performing Arts Associate: Students earn the visual and performing arts associate degree. An associate’s degree typically requires two years of school at an accredited university. Students must then complete a series of general education courses, as well as one or two major classes in the field they intend to pursue as an artist. For most visual and performing arts colleges, there are also professional courses available. Depending on the degree program you are enrolled in, you may have the opportunity to take some electives. An associate’s degree typically takes about two years to complete.

Bachelor of Arts Degree: Students earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in visual and performing arts. A four-year bachelor’s degree is required in order to enroll in this degree program. Most concentrations within a bachelor’s degree program are performance, theater, dance, visual communications, music, and visual production. There are also liberal arts concentrations within a bachelor’s degree program as well. For many careers in the visual and performing arts, a bachelor’s degree is necessary, as it is required for many positions.

Master of Arts Degree: A master’s degree is a more extensive course of study than an associate’s degree. A bachelor’s degree takes three years to complete. A master’s degree is typically sought after by professionals who want to broaden their careers. The curriculum in a master’s program typically includes a year of broad research and the completion of over forty hours of coursework. Many of the jobs that are found in visual and performing arts require a master’s degree.

Visual and Performing Arts Degrees awarded by colleges, universities, and technical schools all have a specific focus. Some of these focus include performance studies, media studies, dance technology, visual history, music theory, and technical communication. There are even Visual and Performing Arts degrees awarded by some colleges and universities that focus on art conservation. Art conservation refers to conserving the visual aspects of art. Art conservation studies may require courses such as art conservation science and art conservation technology. Students who enroll in these classes learn about methods used to conserve art.

These are the different visual arts degrees that can be earned at most community colleges, technical schools, trade schools, and colleges and universities across the United States. The requirements for each different visual arts degree level are different. Some visual coursework requires some hands on experience in an internship. This experience can be done at the college, university, or technical school. It can also be done at a performing arts center or art gallery.

There are many different visual arts degrees awarded through Visual and Performing Arts Schools all across the country. All of these degrees have similar core requirements. Most require a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent. Some required courses include drawing, painting, photography, and film studies. Most of the classes offer internship opportunities in local studios or museums.

Visual and performing arts degrees are very popular with students who wish to pursue performing arts careers after graduation. The art department at any university is one of the most heavily researched departments within any college or university. Students who enter this highly respected field of study are often highly sought after professionals. The visual arts programs offered by schools can open up many doors in the world of entertainment.

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