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Respect Fighter 8

Instead of telling the story of four heroes who left on a journey to save the world, it tells the story of four violent jerks who conned their way into the job and cause comic mishaps as they go. It was one of the first sprite comics and hugely influential on the medium. It was well regarded for its witty dialogue and excellent use of anticlimax. It was one of the first sprite comics, a comic made by using pre-existing video game graphics.

Well, because those pictures are based on old Final Fantasy assets. Can only hope that other fans one day find their way here and get the chance to relive the magic of this comic stip. In a failed attempt at an April Fools’ Day joke, the author made a “joke” comic with the words “The End” as the last panel. The result was that fans wrote in thanking him for his time and devotion to the comic and for providing them with closure as lame as it was.

So far the comic has had a grand sense of humour while sticking more or less to the games plot and it only gets better. I know people are fans of things, but the only way to keep copyright maximalists from suing is to not use anything of theirs in any other form. It would have made the comic a bunch more work to create, likely preventing it from being done at all. If people had to make their own “equivalent to lego toys” in order to be able to set them up and tell fun stories with them, we wouldn’t have a bunch of homemade lego toys we just wouldn’t have the fun stories.

Brian Clevinger, creator of the classic Final Fantasy webcomic 8-Bit Theater, made a big announcement this week. I didn’t have another book lined up (I started reading the Aeneid last night, but that’d be a weird thing to do here, even if I was anywhere near finished with it), and all my Discworld novels are with my sister. The rest of my library is in storage, if you can call an uncoordinated jumble at my old house “storage.” So, I either have to go back to webcomics for a bit, or start on Calvin and Hobbes. Ok I definitely don’t know all about how all this stuff works, but why doesn’t he just make a licensing deal with Square Enix so he can use the sprites for, idk I don’t really know this stuff, say 5%. I mean they were pretty stingy with cloud in smash but that was years ago and it seems like they’ve become more open to partnerships since then.

He was the one who first recruited the Light Warriors, although his original plan was simply to send every applicant into the dangerous wilds to be slaughtered, with the survivors being the “true” Light Warriors. He was tricked by Black Mage into appointing BM’s group after being shown the four fabled Orbs of Destiny (actually four recently-removed lightbulbs), and being told that they were “Hot. Hot with destiny!”. Kevin Sigmund did many of the custom sprites for the comic. Those who have played the original Final Fantasy will note that 8-Bit Theater follows the storyline of Final Fantasy, but the places traveled to and the enemies fought are the only real similarities. For example, Garland, the first boss in Final Fantasy, is pictured as horribly un-evil for a nemesis. This is derived from the fact that Garland is a fairly easy boss in the original game.

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