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Respect Fighter 8

Quite possibly one of the longest ever is set up as a throwaway gag in the first few panels of the 10th strip only to come back almost 9 years and 1,200 strips later. 8-Bit Theater was Brian Clevinger’s first experience writing a comic. His experience, as well as exposure through the comic, allowed him to write more comics, including Atomic Robo as well as writing for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics. White Mage was assigned by her order to protect fate and to help the Light Warriors save the world. She discreetly follows the Light Warriors around the world for a lengthy portion of the comic to achieve this goal. Sort of a space fleet RTS thing, which is a genre I love, but then every game turns into a complete disaster.

Also Brian doesn’t have access to magic and, by extension, the best thing about magic. 8-Bit Theater was originally intended to parody a variety of classic 8-bit video games. The popularity of the Final Fantasy comic convinced Clevinger to abandon this idea, although 8-Bit Theater does make occasional references to other video games as well as pop culture phenomena such as comic book superheroes, TV shows and movies. For example, there are parodies of superheroes, such as Arachna-Dude or The Sulk. 8-Bit Theater’s humor is based on exaggerated RPG stereotypes and includes a range of comedic devices, such as droll humor, running gags, wordplay, and slapstick. A significant portion of the humor is character driven often the comic creates reader anticipation for dramatic moments which fail to come.

So far the comic has had a grand sense of humour while sticking more or less to the games plot and it only gets better. I know people are fans of things, but the only way to keep copyright maximalists from suing is to not use anything of theirs in any other form. It would have made the comic a bunch more work to create, likely preventing it from being done at all. If people had to make their own “equivalent to lego toys” in order to be able to set them up and tell fun stories with them, we wouldn’t have a bunch of homemade lego toys we just wouldn’t have the fun stories.

Ironically, Black Mage has a fixation on the character White Mage, and perpetually uses increasingly cheesy and inappropriate pick-up lines to “open her heart.” 8-Bit Theater was a webcomic that began in 2001, around the same time as Final Fantasy 10, and ended in 2010. It was a loose retelling/parody the story of the original Final Fantasy using sprites from the game.

Well, because those pictures are based on old Final Fantasy assets. Can only hope that other fans one day find their way here and get the chance to relive the magic of this comic stip. In a failed attempt at an April Fools’ Day joke, the author made a “joke” comic with the words “The End” as the last panel. The result was that fans wrote in thanking him for his time and devotion to the comic and for providing them with closure as lame as it was.

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