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Respect Fighter 8

Vilbert survives the battle and is later recruited into Garland’s Dark Warriors, while Lich goes to hell. White Mage then sends the Light Warriors to meet Sarda the Sage, an omnipotent wizard who takes the Earth orb and proceeds to draft the group into quests for the other three elemental orbs. The comic points out and dissects many of the tropes used in role-playing video games, especially those from Japan.

And he stole his class change from himself in the future, just before Sarda got to the final part of his revenge. Remember King Steve’s ridiculous plans to drill for mana that always ended in ruin? Check out the article in the bottom right of the newspaper article in this comic.

He is the idealizer/creator of the sword-chuck, a weapon consisting of two swords attached to each other by a chain extending between the two—a combination of twin swords and a nunchuck. He has severe arachnophobia, and goes into a gibbering panic when told a spider is near or on him. One of his recent destinies was to find the legendary “Armor of Invincibility”. He found out that Matoya had it, and besought her to give it to him.

A group of villains based on minor enemies from the game. They consist of Garland, Bikke the Pirate, Drizz’l the Dark Elf Prince, and Vilbert Von Vampire. They plot the downfall of the Light Warriors, but are depicted as even more inept than the Light Warriors themselves. Black Belt — A talented martial artist and travelling companion of White Mage. Black Belt had an extremely poor sense of direction, to the effect that the laws of physics and spacetime tended to rearrange themselves around him.

I have attempted to do this at least three or so times in the past and always ended up either losing interest or my files erased during the next re-format before I could finish. However, White Mage arrives with three other White Mages, and after proving to Chaos his desire for a chaotic universe is paradoxically impossible, they unite their power to kill him. Unwilling to let the Light Warriors take credit for Chaos’ defeat due to the trail of destruction they have left in their wake, White Mage has the Dark Warriors championed as the heroes and the Light Warriors go their separate ways.

Red Mage Statscowski – Red Mage understands that he is in a stat-based RPG , and is obsessed with maximizing his potential abilities in all fields, going so far as to carry a character sheet with him which he changes to affect his own abilities. He claims to be a genius and makes complicated plans to defeat enemies, but his plans often show a blatant disregard for objective reality and the laws of physics, so these plans rarely succeed. Fighter McWarrior – Fighter is characterized by his gullibility and stupidity, though he sometimes shows brief flashes of intelligence. He has an obsession with swords and despite his stupidity is very strong and durable, doing most of the fighting among the team. His dream is to perfect his invention, “Sword-Chucks”, a combination of swords and nun-chucks. However, the four are largely inept, slow-witted, cowardly, and sometimes outright evil.

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